Lockhart Chemical Company has purchased the CPAR Products, including the trademarks, rights, PMNS and membership in the CPIA.
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Qualice LLC was established in 2012 to fill a recognizable void in chlorinated paraffin manufacturing throughout North America. Qualice has a strong partnership with Trinity Manufacturing Incorporated, a producer of chlorine and chlorine-based derivatives. By installing direct pipeline access to Trinity's chlorine manufacturing plant, Qualice acquires a safe and secure supply of chlorine while eliminating the inherent risk with shipping chlorine by rail.

Our continued success is built upon our technical expertise, business acumen, strong partnerships and the proven ability to deliver lasting value to our customers. Customer-inspired innovation based on current and future market requirements is our long-range comprehensive guiding light.

We invite you to visit our manufacturing facility in North Carolina or inquire directly about products we could produce for your specific requirements.

Manufacturing Excellence

Qualice has the most modern chlorinated paraffin manufacturing facility in North America. We utilize the latest technology which leads to a highly automated, tightly controlled and repeatable process. The Qualice engineering team is committed to the continuous improvement and optimization of the process.

Highlights and benefits

  • Distributive Control System ( DCS)
    • Reduces opportunity for human error
    • Allows for custom manufacturing
    • Leads to tighter control of critical parameters ( flow, temp , pressures etc)
  • Automated trending of critical parameters creates robust statistical database
  • Safety interlocks engineered throughout the system to prevent accidents
  • Modern equipment is highly reliable and efficient
  • Redundancy built in to the design
  • Railcar loading and unloading capability
  • Highly trained and educated labor force